Capital One Hacker Might Have Attacked Other Places Too, Suggest Reports

Capital One Hacker Might Have Attacked Other Places Too, Suggest Reports


The hacking attempt on Capital One has exposed the credentials of several millions of users. Paige Thompson – who was an engineer in the company – has been identified as the culprit. Now, several reports suggest that Paige Thompson might have attacked several other social media websites as well. These reports come at a time when thousands of customers are worried about the loss of their privacy and other credentials. It should be noted that FBI has already arrested Paige Thompson and she’s going through the proceedings.

It should be noted that, while Paige Thompson was quite successful in materializing one of the biggest data breaches the US has ever seen, she could not cover up her tracks. That is what led to the arrest of this former engineer. Just to get the context here, Capital One is the seventh-largest bank in the US and millions of users depend upon this company for their banking needs. Now, the news that she might have targeted other social media platforms sounds quite alarming.

The complaint filed against Thompson says that she has been accused of not only hacking into the sensitive information stored by Capital One but also talking about the process with her friends online. In addition to this, the hacker had shared details about the tools she had used to carry out the hack. The complaint adds some sources from a Slack channel, where Thompson was found talking about the issue and sharing files in relation to the Capital One breach.

Thompson was using the name erratic throughout the Slack communication and she had mentioned a few other websites’ names in the document. Some of these websites belong to the State Government of Ohio, Michigan State University and a few telecommunication companies in the UK and the US. All these entities are looking into the matter, but all of them are sure that their information has not been hacked. We cannot ignore the possibility that Paige Thompson might have been talking about the proposed websites as well.