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Google Is Bringing Emergency Service Feature to Android

Google Is Bringing Emergency Service Feature to Android

Google is planning to bring a practically life-saving feature to the Android system. According to the latest blog post from the company, Android will soon be getting the Emergency Service feature from Google. This is an effective way to contact emergency services in a better, result-inducing manner. The feature blends the full powers of Google algorithms and Google Assistant to communicate better with an emergency dispatcher so that your life is not in trouble.

“Tapping on the “Medical,” “Fire” or “Police” buttons during an emergency call will convey the type of emergency to the operator through an automated voice service. That service works on the device, which means the information stays between you and emergency services, and the service functions whether or not you have a data connection. After you activate the service, you can always speak directly to the operator as well,” read the official blog post from Google, detailing the feature.

This feature is expected to help users overcome situations when they are not in a position to speak. Instead of trying to miscommunicate, they can tap a button on their phone and Google Assistant would do the rest. In addition to the core message, Google would be sharing the current location of the device with the above-said dispatcher. It should be noted that the GPS location sharing is an existing feature and this happens when you contact emergency services.

One of the interesting things is that the feature does not take over your whole communication with the 911 dispatcher. Google Assistant’s automated voice would convey the message, including the user’s location. Once that is done, the user can continue the normal conversation with the dispatcher, often providing more information on the issue. As we said, the feature is expected to help people who are not in a position to talk to the dispatcher.

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