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E cigarette Juul C1 to be launched soon in America

E cigarette Juul C1 to be launched soon in America.

A new e-cigarette that can monitor its user’s data has been released by a Silicon Valley startup company Juul Labs, Inc. This is one of the giants playing in this field with a market share of 72%, though the widespread of electronic cigarettes have triggered multiple investigations by U.S Food and Drug Administration

The new Juul C1 has become available in Canada and the United Kingdom and is soon to be released in the United States. These new vape machines come with additional features such as facial recognition software. “The objective of us designing this product was not for us to collect data per se,” says Juul’s Dan Thomson “It was to be able to give data to customers”. The company assures that it has intentions of selling the information to third parties.

These were introduced in the market to cut down the use of cigarettes and other tobacco products but soon this became an addiction among teenagers. According to new research people who are fond of vape pens would eventually start smoking cigarettes. This issue has escalated so much that some schools conduct Nicotine test.

Even though the selling of e-cigarettes to children of age below 18 comes under the not-so-legal category, there are incidents such as the company representatives meeting school children and claiming the product to be completely safe for use.

The makers of an e-cigarette are in seeking approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration to continue selling their products due to the change in federal regulations. To make the usage of e-cigarettes easier they have come up with flavors such as mint and fruits. However, due to criticism, they were forced to remove it from the retail market.

Each of these cartridges of vape pens gives 200 puffs compared to 10 to 15 puffs of a traditional cigarette. As an initiative against this criticism with C1, they plan to limit its product among children below 18 with geofencing features that would prevent vaping in public areas and schools.

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