The Trump Administration weakens Endangered Species Act

The Trump Administration weakens Endangered Species Act


The Trump administration has taken measures to weaken the protection of endangered species. There has been a huge change in Endangered Species Act, weakening the nation’s conservation law to protect grizzly bear, bald eagle and the American alligator from extinction.

This change will help mining oil and gas drilling industries, as they will profit from these decisions. ” The best way to uphold the Endangered Species Act is to do everything we can to ensure it does everything we can to ensure it remains effective in achieving its ultimate goal-recovery of our rarest species,” Interior Secretary David Bernhardt said in a statement Monday. “The Acts effectiveness rests on clear consistent and efficient implementation.”

The change would appear in the federal register soon and will go in effect 30 days from the. Various environmental groups have seen this as an act against the world, especially when the United Nations has warned that the new human culture has driven one million species to the endangered list

Mr. Bernhardt recently wrote in an op-ed that the Endangered Species act of 1973 has put unnecessary regulatory burdens on companies. The act which was signed by Richard M. Nixon had been a stumble before various industries. Republicans had been trying their best to remove this for the last many years. The Endangered Species Act passed in 1973 had helped in preventing 99% of the listed species from going extinct.

The current changes can also remove or edit the species that are there in the current list. About 10 attorneys general has joined conservation groups in protesting against the new act. Conservationists have promised legal action against this unjustifiable act.

The lifestyle of human beings has been affecting everything around them. Greed is considered a real answer to why