Microplastics falling from the sky with snow in the Arctic

Microplastics falling from the sky with snow in the Arctic


. The Arctic is one of the world’s most pristine environments. Scientists are not clear about the health hazards these could cause.

Scientists had collected snow from the Svalbard islands. The analysis from these samples showed that they contained far more contaminating particles than they anticipated. Since most of them are diminutive; it is hard to understand from where it came.

Addressing their potential effects on people, Dr. Bergmann explained: “We don’t know if the plastics will be harmful to human health or not. But we need to take much better care of the way we’re treating our environment.” The samples taken from Germany and Switzerland contained even more microplastics which shows it is a global phenomenon.

Scientists believe that these were blown by winds over long distances. These are then removed from the atmosphere through the snow. This is not an isolated case since researchers have found such a phenomenon in China, Iran, and France earlier. Even though, they are not very clear about the process.

This has become a great threat since these drift thousands of kilometers and even pollute places such as the Arctic. At a dog sledding center near Tromsø in the Norwegian Arctic, one of the staffs, Lili, told BBC “It makes me incredibly sad. We’ve got plastics in the sea-ice. We’ve got plastics in the ocean and on the beaches. Now plastic in snow.

“Up here we see the beauty of it every day, and to see that it’s changing so much and being tainted – it hurts.”

Pollution has become the most discussed topic of this era and the major contributor to global warming. As these don’t follow the rules and regulations set up by countries, these could affect everyone. This information is very disturbing for people who still consider regions of Arctic as pristine.