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Global warming melts the glaciers in Antarctica

Global warming melts the glaciers in Antarctica

The melting of ice in Antarctica will increase sea level by a foot and this could happen by 2100. This phenomenon has been happening for years and the rate of melting has increased throughout the years but it was difficult to say if global warming caused by humans had led to this.

A study published in Nature Geoscience proved that the main cause is human-driven global warming. They state that it has changed the nature of the winds that blow over the ocean near the glaciers of West Antarctica and which leads to the melting of these Ice. West Antarctica alone holds 6% of the world’s freshwater. The melting of these could increase the global sea level by 10 feet.  The warming of the ocean does play a major role as these could melt the ice. The ocean water has been becoming warmer over the years has made the ice less cold.

Scientists used a climate model that showed the current wind pattern caused by human global warming and how different it would have been if there had been no global warming.

 “It was very hard to imagine that the ice sat around happily for millennia and then decided to retreat naturally just as humans started perturbing the system, but the evidence for forcing by natural variability was strong,” writes Richard Alley, a climate scientist at Pennsylvania State University, in an email to National Geographic. Unless something drastic happens there will be no way to slow or reverse the way the winds move.

Steig emphasizes that the future isn’t still written and controlling the emission f greenhouse gases that help the wind to weaken further, keeping the ocean water chilly and the ice is frozen as this is a global phenomenon and will affect everyone equally.

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