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Chandrayaan 2 heads to moon, successfully leaves Earth’s orbit

Chandrayaan 2 heads to moon, successfully leaves Earth’s orbit

Chandrayaan 2 has left Earth’s orbit and has moved towards the moon. The translunar injection (TLI) was successfully conducted by the Indian Space Research Organisation.  After spending 22 days in Earth’s orbit, the space crafts liquid trajectory fired for 1,203 seconds to make it enter the lunar trajectory.

ISRO had conducted five maneuvers. The propulsion system was fired for  1041 seconds during the fifth maneuver. Chandrayaan 2 weighed 3,850 kilos of which 2,542 kilos was used up by fuel.

The Isro chief told TOI, “The final descent of 30km for 15 minutes will be the most terrifying moments for Team Isro as we will be handling this most complex operation for the first time. The final descent of Chandrayaan-2, when its thrusters will move into a reverse direction so as to reduce the spacecraft’s speed, will be shaky. “It will be just like holding a newborn baby for the first time,” he said.

India will be the fourth country to land its spacecraft on Moon if the Chandrayaan team, led by M Vanitha and Ritu Karidhal is able to land it successfully on the 7th of September. If everything goes successfully; a rover named Pragyan will move 500 meters in 14 days taking photos and analyzing contents. These data will be sent back by the orbiter of Earth in 15 minutes.

The orbiter will continue to circle the moon for a year.  This will help to understand the geography of the moon and also look for the possibility of water.  Vikram lander contains Laser Retroreflector Array which will help to calculate the exact location of the lander on the moon.  Chandrayaan 2 contains 13 payloads which will help to study, seismography, mineral identification, topography, thermo-physical characteristics. This will also help to throw more light on the origin of the moon and how it has evolved.

If everything goes well, this will the greatest achievement of ISRO

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