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Studies Prove Fluoridated Water To Be Harmful

Studies Prove Fluoridated Water To Be Harmful

Recent studies published in JAMA Pediatrics have raised problems related to neurotoxin in utero. Exposure to these during pregnancy was associated with a decline in IQ among children. Though many studies have been made related to this topic; it is the first time a study is been done to evaluate the effect of fluoride on people who drinks water which contains 0.7 milligrams of fluoride in one liter.

The study is made on 601 mother and children pair. The average concentration of fluoride was checked from urine samples taken throughout the pregnancy time. Children of age 3 to 4 from these studied mothers were tested for IQ. The researchers are also considering a further investigation of whether boys are more vulnerable to fluoride. “The gender difference in the results make it difficult to interpret. At this point, the gender difference is problematic,” said Dr. Aparna Bole, chairwoman of American Academy of Pediatrics Council on Environmental Health. Bole said that this single study won’t change any of the organization’s recommendations to use fluoride to prevent cavities, but “I think the study was well done and that the commentary was thoughtful.”

Due to conspiracy theories and health concerns water fluoridation was implemented in the 1950s. About 66% of all US resident receive fluorinated water. In an additional editorial, David Bellinger, a professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School, wrote that the conclusions still need to be replicated and that no one study would define the safety and efficacy of fluoride. But, he added, “These considerations notwithstanding, the hypothesis that fluoride is a neurodevelopmental toxicant must now be given serious consideration.”

In a statement, the American Dental Association said, “We welcome this and further scientific study of the issue to see if the findings can be replicated with methods that demonstrate more conclusive evidence.”

Sheila Schindler

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