samsung is all set to launch isocell bright hmx: world’s first 108 mp camera sensor

Samsung Is All Set to Launch ISOCELL Bright HMX: World’s First 108 MP Camera Sensor


Earlier this month, Samsung launched a 64-megapixel camera sensor. Now Samsung has announced the introduction of 108- megapixel camera. Samsung is building the world’s first 108-mp camera in collaboration with Xiaomi, that is a Chinese smartphone company. Earlier both of these company collaborated for the 64-mp smartphone version. This smartphone consists of Samsung’s 64-mp ISOCEL GW1 Sensor. According to Samsung, ISOCEL Bright HMX is a new and powerful sensor that will enable smartphone users to take more vibrant and great photographs. In this announcement, Samsung also stated that ISOCEL Bright HMX sensor would be capable enough to produce much better pictures in extreme lighting situations, owing to 100 million active pixels. Further, regarding sensor descriptions, it is about 1/1.33-inch in size that allows it to absorb light better because of the large surface area.

In the announcement, Samsung stated use of Tetracell technology in low light conditions. Tetracell technology is a combination of four pixels as one. This combination enables smartphone users to take great pictures in low light situations and also minimize noise. Also, it increases photo quality by improving color accuracy. In bright lighting conditions, this 108-megapixel camera sensor will be using the company’s Smart-ISO mechanism. Smart-ISO creates extra vivid pictures. Based on the ambient light, it adjusts the level of amplifier gains. The ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor is capable enough to capture videos up to 6K resolutions (i.e., 6016×3384) at 30 frames per second. Samsung has confirmed mass production for ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor that will begin at the end of this month. For now, Xiaomi is the first company to use this technology and already teased the launch of a new smartphone, enabled with Samsung’s new 108-mp camera sensor.

Co-Founder and President of Xiaomi, Mr. Lin Bin, stated Xiaomi and Samsung had worked closely for ISOCELL Bright HMX, from the conceptual stage to final production. It has resulted in a revolutionary 108-megapixel image sensor. He further stated that this kind of picture resolutions was previously available only in a few top-tier DSLR cameras. And now it can be designed into smartphones.