Nowadays prostate cancer is a severe disease in men

nowadays prostate cancer is a severe disease in men

Prostate cancer are the two main words for every man. They should make themselves aware of these. This is a severe cancer in men. This is one of the leading causes of cancer and ultimately death in men. Said by the says Dr. Michael Butcher, a Urologist at Park Nicollet. 

Initial signs of prostate cancer problems tend to be problems related to the urinary tract. This is depending on the frequency or urgency of urine. A person is going for a bathroom every minute, waking up from sleep at night to go to the bathroom, blood in the urine, difficulty to start or end of person stream. The feeling like something is not good, said by Dr. Butcher. Prostate cancer is increasing continues with age. However, those who patients who have prostate problems they don’t continuously have matters with their colon. This said by Dr. Butcher. They said that they’re two individual things free of one another. 

However, people who have a previous problems regarding colorectal cancer (CRC), those patients have a bigger risk of receiving prostate cancer. This means it’s important for those people having colorectal cancer (CRC) to continue to be testing. Dr. Butcher said this is for prostate cancer after treated by doctors. There are two ways for testing of prostate cancer is a rectal exam or blood test, called a PSA test. Awareness about testing for prostate cancer is important, and Dr. Butcher encourages to start tasting around age of 45-50 till the age of 70.This mainly depends on the family background. Dr. Butcher said that peoples having background with prostate cancer have to test before the age of or maybe earlier of that age of 40. Prostate cancer is slow-growing. It will take almost ten years before detectable symptoms show in the patient. Dr. says as soon as diagnose it, so that sooner can treat it. Prostate cancer can treat totally if diagnosed at an early stage.

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