How to protect yourself from voice assistants

How to protect yourself from voice assistants

Since the launch of voice-based assistants by apple, google, amazon, etc. many people are opting for these to reduce burden of mundane tasks. These artificial intelligence-based voice assistants help in performing several boring tasks in no time. These devices are smart and remember preferences of users. Tasks that are performed by these devices include setting a timer, or switching of smart electrical appliances, playing music, etc. Since this technology is rapidly developing, engineers are working on to improve its performance. In order to do that, humans could be listening to the voice commands that the user give. For better understanding of how these devices respond to commands given by user, people could be listening to your commands.

In a couple of recent reports by reputed newspapers, whistleblowers states they had listened to private conversations from Alexa and Siri. People working on advancing these products also listen to conversations to better understand nuances of speech. Google, Amazon and Apple have disclosed much about this. The companies mentioned that less than a percentage of conversations are subject to reviews by technical teams. Apple and Google have stated that they have suspended human review program for privacy of users.

Amazon, as well as Google, offer their users ability to disable human vetting. Also, as a precautionary measure we could delete recordings and turn off sensors to limit the amount of data being shared with tech giants. These devices also have a kill switch which could be used while having important conversations. Also, keeping these devices away and covering them with a piece of cloth to be super cautious. Due to such allegations these companies have mentioned how to protect yourself and disable microphones, cameras or delete voice recordings. These tech companies have said that they take privacy issue very seriously. These features can be turned on again as and when required.

Author: Jessie Hinton

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