Pixel 3a boosted google sales in the US

Pixel 3a boosted google sales in the US

According to Counterpoint Research report, pixel line is one of the fastest-growing smartphone range in the US. Pixel 3a has helped in increasing pixel sales. From Q2 2018 to Q2 2019 the whole market in the US dropped 1.5 percent. But, Oneplus and google had most significant market share. YoY growth of Google was 88%, while OnePlus saw year over year growth of 152%.

The launch of the pocket-friendly Pixel 3a and 3a XL are said to be the promoter for the remarkable sales growth in the smartphone sector. Counterpoint does mean that the numbers based on “volume” and “US sell-through.” The basis of numbers directly refers to sale of units. The news is expected as the pixel line gives a usually excellent experience. But the pricing factor is holding the Pixel line back. The Pixel 3a XL and 3a offer a superb experience in every important area. But the pricing of pixel 3 is higher than iPhone XR. Thus, for Q2 2019 sales of iPhone XR were highest. iPhone XR is Apple’s inexpensive flagship alternative.

Alcatel had the third-highest 73% of YoY sales growth after OnePlus and Google. Motorola, Coolpad, and Apple showed respectively 47%, 40% and 14% YoY sales growth. Even though OnePlus 7 Pro was the costliest smartphone of OnePlus, the sales showed highest growth. Undoubtedly, dealing with the smartphone sector premium end has worked in the United States. OnePlus showed such remarkable growth numbers due the partnership with T-Mobile to offer OnePlus devices online and in stores on hauler plans. Sales of major players such as LG and Samsung have declined severely in last 12 months. While Pixel 3a sales have supported Google to show remarkable growth, Apple still leads in smartphone sales in US. The latest flagship of Samsung S10 line sneaking into fourth and fifth ranks. Overall there is decline in sales of smartphone in last 24 months. The reason behind the decline may be that people are keeping their phones for longer period. The people are also buying devices through alternative means such as unlocked, used, or pre-paid.

Author: Jessie Hinton

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