Improved Eating Habits can be a Replacement for Insulin Injections

People diagnosed with type 2 – diabetes inject insulin to regulate the activity of sugar into the liver, fat cells, and muscles. This medication of insulin can have adverse side effects on the body, like increased weight and uncontrolled blood sugar levels. According to Miss Daniela Jakubowicz, professor of Wolfson Medical Center’s Diabetes Unit, her study suggests that there is an alternate way to treat diabetes. It points out that eating a starch-rich breakfast earlier in the day, along with a light meal, can be an ideal alternative to insulin injections.

This study published in the journal ‘Diabetes Care’. The research suggests that insulin injections are not only associated with weight gain, also they activate a vicious circle of higher doses of insulin. It causes a high incidence of cardiovascular disease and other complications. Usually, a traditional diabetes diet comprises of six meals a day. This new research conducted by Prof. Daniela Jakubowicz suggests shifting the starch-rich diet earlier in the day to balance the glucose and improve glycemic control in diabetic patients. Then she added that by adopting this approach, diabetic patients would have the potential to significantly reduce or even stop insulin injections and most anti-diabetic drugs. They will also achieve excellent control of blood glucose levels. According to the new research, the metabolism and biological clock of the body is optimized for eating in the morning and for fasting during the evening and night.

The typical diet for diabetes control suggested for ‘type 2’ diabetes, which consists of several small meals evenly distributed throughout the day. This traditional diet includes three meals and three snacks a day; the snacks are taken before bedtime to prevent a drop in blood sugar levels at night. But this traditional ‘6M diet’ is not effective at controlling sugar. So, diabetic patients who follow this diet need extra medicines and insulin. Researchers studied 29 patients with ‘type 2’ diabetes and concluded that the new ‘3M-diet’ aligns more with the biological clock. The 3M-diet includes a meal of fruits and sweets along with a loaf of bread in the early morning. For lunch, an ample amount of meals. Dinner should be comparatively less and include sweets, fruits, and starch. In this experiment, people who followed the 3M diet experienced more improvement in the sugar levels as compared to the people who followed the 6M diet.