Android’s Nvidia Shield TV still holds the upper hand than Apple TV 4K

Nowadays, smart TVs are again gaining trends, different variety of choices available in the market. If you want to see brands like Google and Apple software running on your big screen of the TV unit and also on your phones, you have two options for the apple side, apple tv unit and Google is having android tv units sets from likes Sony and TCL. At the end of 2019, Apple TV and Android TV was developing software and apps for a screen that can support 50 inches or more.

Apple TV 4K comes with tvOS, tvOS is an operating system that was developed by Apple, Inc. for the 4th generation Apple TV and first-generation NVidia Shield TV are running on Android TV. Among them, whos is better can Compare by their features, apps selections, and user experience. Android tv is a Google-developed version of android, and apple tv has tvOS. In Apple tvOS, you can get a rectangular home screen where you can put the icons where you want, and the home screen is added free. As the tvOS used in Apple TV 4K, the processor is powerful and for that moving from menu to menu is very quick. And another side in NVidia Shield TV on the home screen you can see the apps which you want, you can choose the apps whatever you want and customize your home screen, and is having the fast navigations, and it has the adds free screen.

Apple TV 4K and NVidia Shield TV both can access the most popular or used streaming services like Netflix, amazon video and Spotify, etc. There is a big difference between them. Apple TV 4K can access the Apple TV app. Still, NVidia Shield TV cannot access the Apple TV app. And Google plays tv and movies are not available on Apple TV. Smarter apps like Google assistant, which is also available on Android Tv. There are lots of features available in both compared to features and price Android TV is better.