‘Acceleration Boost’ upgrade for Tesla Model 3 with enhanced power and torque

Tesla Model 3 has introduced an ‘acceleration mode’ upgrade with an increase in more power and torque up to five seconds. The first test result was posted by Wugz, who is a user. Every car has a diagnostic port, CAN bus through which performance data can be collected from the car computer. Wugz test is based on the very same reading collected from the CAN bus.  However, there are some limitations to CAN bus data. Its accuracy is less as compared with other measurements. In drag-race conditions and 0-60 tests, it is more likely to show less accurate readings.

Wugz readings are quite accurate as he performed tests under similar conditions. He performed multiple tests in different instances to average out the overall results. He tested the same in reverse direction and conducted tests on many days as different climatic conditions affect the temperature of the road. Road conditions may affect traction. The data can never be perfectly accurate; to some extent, there is some rough estimation. But the data was sufficient to prove that the new upgrade for ‘acceleration boost’ has enhanced the boost and power.

According to Wugz readings, Model3 AWD has 447 hp that is 333 KW of power. Results show that Model 3 picked 0-60 in 4.2 seconds and 0-160 in 9 seconds. A newly upgraded acceleration boost has 497 hp that is 371 kW, which has 11 percent more power than earlier upgrades. It achieves 0-60 in 3.8 seconds. The results are comparable with the promises made but Tesla. It promised 3.9 seconds that is a half-second improvement. Total torque has increased by 12 percent with more increase in front motor and a slight increase in the rear motor. He said that when the Model 3 was released, it would be annoying to buy as everyone will have that car but due to different specifications provided, everyone would have a different version. Now it has become complicated to compare performances of the various specification.