Pediatric Flu: A New Epidemic?

Flu season is here, and it has started claiming lives. The first death was of a child aged 5. The health officials of Texas stated that the child was not vaccinated, and this flu poses a danger to children belonging to the age group of six months to five years. Health experts are warning parents against the deadly virus. The flu season is the time to the vaccination shot as the affected child might have to be rushed to the hospital, and in the worst case, it won’t survive the flu.

A Pediatric nurse at the UAB, Tedra Smith, recommends the vaccination for flu for children over the age of six months. She further adds that one shouldn’t think that it is too late to get the shot, go ahead and get it. Moreover, it is essential to understand the need for prevention as the flu will be on the rise, and as always, prevention is better than cure. As the virus transmits efficiently, it is essential to teach your children the necessity of washing their hands and cough with their mouths covered, even if they are already vaccinated. The symptoms in the early stages are diarrhoea and vomiting. It is advised not to take the symptoms for something less serious.

Smith says that the flu is much more severe than the common cold. She breaks the myth about the vaccination in her statement. Smith says that getting the vaccination doesn’t prevent you from getting the flu; it reduces the severity of the flu. Thus it is vital to get the flu shot. The statistics for last year received by the Centers for disease control and prevention reports 130 cases of death due to the pediatric flu. For years now, UAB offers the vaccination for flu to its patients. After the Texas pediatric flu-related death of the 5-year-old, Texas DSHS stated that the cases of flu are continuing and are rising at an alarming rate.