Climate change is not only causing problems to humans but birds also. The recent health study shows that climate change is affecting hugely on birds causing shrinkage issues in various types of birds. The research shows experts analysing more than 70716 specimens of different species of birds from North America and found an interesting thing about climate change affecting on boards. Experts said they found that all samples were getting smaller every year and majority of it because of the climate change.

Species which were taken for observation were quite diverse and from different regions of Northern America. However, one common thing which was found in these birds is that their size got smaller. Usually, climate change affecting birds shows the effect of geographical location or timing of events, but this one focused on body morphology. Experts said it’s hard to imagine how these species will adapt to such changes when they are changing so rapidly.

Migration is one of the most commonly used strategies among birds because when they get hit by a climate change, they tend to focus more on shifting geographical location. However, since environmental change is affecting their body and lowering their size, their energy level is also going down. Birds which were used to travel thousands of miles because of climate change are now not able to perform such tasks because of the lack of energy. Scientists still haven’t figured out why warmer temperature is causing the problem of body shrinkage among birds. Smaller birds have the advantage of cooling off and losing their body temperature more quickly than others. Birds usually travelled through the night, and they are having a collision with buildings because of artificial light. So far, millions of birds have died from accidents with windows, and unfortunately, nothing can be done to stop it.