Diet is the main part of controlling diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. But according to new research diet also helpful in cancer treatment too. According to the article published in journal Nature, avoiding the consumption of an amino acid which is found in eggs and red meat helps cancer treatment of mice. Avoiding the intake of amino acids helps in slowing tumor growth. Mr. Jason Locasale, Duke University professor said that “these effects are very high effects, similar to effects made by drugs treatment.” In many cases drugs itself does not work properly, but if we combine diet with a drug then it works properly.

Same if radiation therapy does not work properly then combine diet with it. Then it performs well,” Mr. Jason Locasale says. Restricting methionine helps in weight loss and anti-aging, methionine also plays an important role in cancer treatment. The scientist first tested restriction of methionine on healthy mice, for observing its effects on the metabolism. Then tested it on mice with tissue sarcomas and colorectal cancer. Scientist found that a small dose of chemotherapy have less effects on colorectal cancer, but it effects well when combined with the restriction of methionine. Combining radiation therapy with the methionine restriction also results in reduced growth of tumour.

Mr. Jason Locasale says that, it is not a panacea but it helpful in treatment. The food we eat, it changes the metabolism. And changes in the cellular metabolism restrict the tumour growth. Mr. Paul Pharoah, professor at Cambridge University, United Kingdom says that, “Before deciding any conclusion regarding effects of dietary restriction in cancer treatment, human studies also must have needed.” Jason Locasale and his colleagues studies the effects of methionine restriction on some healthy humans and they found that methionine restriction effect appeared same that seen in the mice. So diet plays an important role in the treatment of cancer. The result showed that chemotherapy drugs are effective when it combined with diet high in fat and protein, and low in sugar.