According to a recent study, getting the recommended amount of physical activity on a regular basic will be able to reduce the chances of cancer risk. This is one of the many studies to show the health benefits of daily exercise but also one of the very few to establish the connection between exercise and cancer. The study is published in the journal called the Journal of Clinical Oncology and is the combined effort of fifteen kinds of researchers who had analyzed the data. This study was based on a huge data pool.

Information from more than 740,000 adults from the United States, Europe and Australia was analyzed as a part of the study, which reaffirmed the notion that exercise is connected to the risk of cancer. People who were taking the recommended amount of physical activity on a continuous basis were found to have a lower risk of cancer when compared to those who were not. Various types of cancers such as colon, breast, kidney, myeloma, liver, non-Hodgkin lymphoma and endometrial were looked for through the analysis of results. It should also be noted that, unlike previous research attempts, this one was quite deeper.

As said earlier, there have been research attempts that created a link between cancer and physical activity. However, authors behind this study had explored the different types of cancers and how different amounts of physical activity had an impact on lowering the risks of cancer. In particular, the authors aimed to find out how much of physical activity was enough to keep the body safe from the risk of the disease. According to experts and the US health officials, adults are expected to get vigorous exercise of at least two and half hours per week. This recommended level now seems to have benefits like these too.