The advantages and disadvantages of a vegetarian diet

Researchers have found that the meat-eaters have a higher risk of coronary heart disease and vegetarians have a higher risk of having stroke. Processed meat causes cancer said by World Health Organisation. Meat-eating is damaging of the environment, said by researchers. Tammy Tong said that, “In last few years the popularity of vegan and vegetarian diets is rapidly increasing, but people know very less about the hazards and health benefits of the vegetarian diet.” Tammy Tong is a researcher at Oxford University. Tong and team collected data from about 48,000 adults in between the year 1993 and 2001. For research, Tammy Tong classify people in three categories such as vegetarians, meat-eaters, and pescatarians or vegans. Upto March 2016, 1,072 cases of strokes and 2,820 cases of coronary heart disease were found.

Factors such as age, smoking status, age, and socioeconomic status were also considered in the research. Meat eaters have 13 percent higher risk of coronary heart disease than the fish eaters. Vegetarians had a 22 percent lower risk of coronary heart disease than the meat-eaters. Vegetarians had 20% greater risk getting of stroke than the meat-eaters. In ten years research period, ten more cases of coronary heart disease in meat eaters than vegetarians, per thousand people, and three fewer cases of stroke. Association between coronary heart disease and a vegetarian diet supports this research, said by the Tammy Tong.

Tammy Tong said that the risk in both vegans and vegetarians is related with factors such as lower BMI, lower cholesterol, the lower rate of diabetes, and lower blood pressure. Tammy Tong also said that vegetarians have higher risk of stroke could be because of lower cholesterol level and lower level of vitamin B12. This research report has limitations, because of report is based on self-reporting.