Effect of good news in the war in Corona, Sensex is up 1000 points

Hopes of making drugs or vaccines to deal with the corona virus have been created over the last few days. That has benefited Indian stock market. That’s the reason why on the fourth consecutive trading day the Sensex and Nifty saw a huge gain. The Sensex was more than 1000 points in the early hours of trading and crossed the 33,700 mark while the Nifty reinforced it to 300 points and reached near the 10,000 mark.

Globally speaking, the Dow Jones US stock market index also ended the previous trading day with a big rise. The SGX Nifty saw an increase of nearly 200 points, or 2 per cent, on Thursday. Even, Nikkei 225 is higher than 2 per cent. Kospi is seeing an rise of over half a per cent.

In the last three trading days, the Sensex has been strengthening to about 1400 points. Talking about the Cool, there was a 400-point boost. Please inform us that the Sensex climbed to 783.07 points in the day on Wednesday. However, it later fell to close at 32,720.16 by 605.64 points, or 1.89 per cent. Likewise, the Nifty improved to 9,553.35 points by 172.45 points, or 1.84 percent.