Ola makes the Government’s tech platform available to battle Covid-19

Smart mobility and ride-hailing services prove to be critical in solving the Covid-19 crisis. Ola, one of the largest ride-hailing, is providing government and public sector organizations throughout the country with its technology platform and resources to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. The new Ola Connects (COmprehensive Navigation, NEWORK, Control and Tracking Solution) can be tailored to suit your requirements.

The website should be upgraded so that government and other organisations should access the war rooms in real time. It can track millions of vehicles and people, and also includes a feature that can be used to decide whether people wear masks or not. The company is working to ensure privacy and protection of the data.

Ola shared its technology capabilities to provide a direct channel for transmitting authentic information to farmers, including digitally distributing security travel passes, thereby removing the need for physical delivery that occurs at large meetings.