Corona crisis: Spain’s death rate is lowest in six weeks

Spanish health officials have confirmed the deaths of 164 people due to the corona virus, the second-consecutive lowest number of daily deaths in the past six weeks. So far, 25,428 people have died due to Corona virus in the country.

These figures are a relief for the country, where the stringent lockdown has been in force for seven weeks and the four-stage lockdown was given relief on Monday. People took to the streets for the first time for activities like haircutting, fetching food from outside. Many small shops are still closed and businessmen are preparing to follow the stringent health and sanitation orders announced by the government on Sunday. 

Masks are mandatory in public transport and the government is distributing 1.4 crore masks at large transport centers. Political tensions are also increasing in the country as the opposition parties are attacking Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on how to deal with the crisis.