Corona virus: Doctors can now use a PPE 100 times

PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) is essential for doctors to fight the corona virus. But they are severely lacking due to their non-reuse. Now some UK scientists have created PPE that can be used up to 100 times. This will lead to a long-term solution to the shortage of PPE in the world.

British scientists and manufacturers have designed the new design as an existing alternative. It is made from parachute fabric. It will have a protective shield covering the face completely. Also, the surgical gown will be separate for the body. In this PPE some things can be changed and worn again. It is designed by women’s fashion firm David Dnieper in Derbyshire. The chief executive of the company has said that if they are used 100 times, then 12.5 lakh disposable gowns will be saved.

At the same time, around half of UK doctors are not receiving PPE kits. Due to non-availability of personal protective equipment from the government, the doctors bought it under compulsion or they had to depend on donations. This was revealed in a survey by the British Medical Association, which involved more than 16,000 doctors. The survey was conducted between 28 and 30 April. When doctors were asked if they felt safe during work, 65 percent said they did not feel partially or at all safe.