Dogs can be used to detect Covid-19 in humans

US scientists say they are training dogs to detect Kovid-19 disease by sniffing human saliva and urine samples. According to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Department of Veterinary Medicine, dogs with odor-recognition ability will be used in the training program to determine which specimens are from patients with Kovid-19 disease and which are not. 

The researchers released a statement saying that dogs contain 300 million olfactory cells while humans have only 60 million. Therefore dogs can be particularly helpful in detecting the disease. This study will attempt to detect Kovid-19 with the help of dogs in those who do not show symptoms of the disease. 

According to researchers, dogs capable of detecting Kovid-19 by sniffing can be used in hospitals or commercial buildings where the disease is challenging to investigate. He said that the process of initial screening of humans by trained dogs can be started from July. 

Professor Cynthia Otto at the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Veterinary Medicine says, “odor-recognizing dogs can accurately detect small amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This type of compound is found in ovary cancer, bacterial infections and nasal tumors. These compounds also occur in human blood, saliva, urine and breath. ” 

“The ability of these dogs can prove to be very effective in detecting Kovid-19,” Otto said in a statement. Researchers will initially begin studies with eight dogs. He said that for three weeks, dogs would be introduced to the smell of saliva and urine from humans with Kovid-19 disease. They will then be tested to see if they can detect the patients of Kovid-19 by sniffing.