Session of the US Senate ends with the threat of corona virus


The Senate session resumed on Monday amid the Corona virus crisis and lockdown in the US. However, it is not yet clear what will be the status of the new aid package. On the other hand, debate is increasing in the US on how to best combat the global pandemic corona virus and how to bring the devastated economy back on track? For the first time since March, 100 senators will attend the session. In March, the proceedings of the House were deferred due to health hazards. The Washington area is a virus hot spot and people are ordered to stay indoors. 

Mitch McConnell, the majority leader in the Senate, initiated the session and defended his decision to focus on the agenda of confirming President Donald Trump’s nominees rather than the outbreak of the virus. McConnell said, “We have to do important work for the nation.” 

Members of the Senate Republican Party have been trying to set terms for debate and are disappointed that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi managed to include the Democratic Party’s priorities in earlier aid bills. They are reluctant to give federal funds of more than three thousand billion dollars which Congress has already approved for virus relief. He hopes that President Donald Trump will start economic activities, which will reduce the need for more aid. But Pelosi went ahead without him and has prepared a new relief package which the Democratic Party leaders will soon bring to the fore. Senate Democratic Party leader Chuck Schumer has condemned the withdrawal of senators and staff without facing a crisis. 

He described it as one of the most ‘unusual’ seasons in American history. For the last five weeks, everything is closed except for Congress due to Kovid-19. It was not closed for so long even during the Spanish flu in 1918 and the terrorist attack in 2001. Senators will come to a changed place and will have new guidelines, including masks for senators and staff and creating social distance and not bringing most of their staff. The public will also have limited access. With this, not only the senators but the opening of parts of Capitol Hill, the cooks, sweepers, police officers and other employees will also come under threat.