5 ways to avoid the clutches of fake apps

While downloading any third-party app, if we take care of the common things, then we will be able to avoid the dangers of third party app.

1. Pay special attention to the name of the app
While downloading any application, pay special attention to the name of that app. It is mostly seen that fake app is named after copying the name of a popular app. This increases the chances of downloading such an app. Note the spelling of the name of N, the color and design of the logo of the app, sometimes there is a very slight difference between the design of the fake app and the original app.

2. Read the name of the developer
More than one app of the same name will be found on Google Store. In such a situation, if you want to download the app, then there is a big dilemma as to which application is real. For this, go into the app description and read the name of the developer carefully. Many fake app developers also copy the name of the developer of the original app. Therefore, note that no special signs or letters are written in front of the developer name. Also, the gap between letters is not given. If this is the case, then it is likely that the developer who created the fake app did this to cheat the users.

3. Pay attention to the review and rating
All the applications on the Play Store have a public feedback system, that is, common users can give their feedback on that app. Whenever you want to download a new app, first read the review carefully. Only download the app if the reviews are positive.

4. Use Antivirus
Use a reliable antivirus to keep your phone away from the threat of any fake app. On antivirus, the phone will warn you when you download that app.

5. Stay away from third party app store
Whenever you want to download an app, avoid downloading it from any third party app store. If you are an Android user, download the app from Google Play Store, because all apps are scrutinized there.