Facebook offers 5 short tips for overcoming COVID-19

Facebook has launched a business resource hub and has provided five quick tips to help the Indian economy and financial markets recover in lockdown during the Corona Virus (Kovid-19) epidemic, which has become a challenge for the world economy.

Archana Vohra, Director, Small and Medium Business (SMB), Facebook India, said in a statement released on Sunday that we are taking measures to enable small businesses on Facebook and to help businesses recover in this difficult time, Facebook Has launched the Business Resource Hub, which provides five simple tips for MSMEs to support their customers and tackle some of the challenges of the business Can.

He said that 14 million more small businesses around the world use Facebook apps every month. He said that globally we have announced a grant of US $ 100 million to support 30,000 small businesses.

He said that the 5 tips given by Facebook are as follows: –

  1. Keep yourself safe and informed,
  2. Stay in touch with your customers,
  3. Host online events
  4. Create a customer service plan and
  5. Provide a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) according to fifth tips.