Now goat and fruit are having good COVID-19 too!

The whole world is troubled by the corona virus infection. Its outbreak is spreading very fast and till now millions of people have lost their lives due to its infection. Apart from humans, there were reports of dogs, cats and bats getting corona infected. But now an African country has made a shocking disclosure. They have claimed that goat and fruit have also been found to be corona positive.

Corona infection has been found in a goat and a particular type of fruit poppy in Tanzania, located in the eastern part of the African continent. However, Tanzania’s President John Pombe Magufuli is not convinced. They described it as a problem or problem with the test kit. At the same time, the President has also ordered the test kit test.

A few days ago the Magufuli government was criticized all over the world for hiding the number of corona infected patients. President Magufuli, who appealed to Tanzanians to pray for an outbreak of coronovirus, said that it was due to a technical flaw in the kit when it was found to be corona positive of goat and fruit. He has said that the test kit which has come from abroad is not correct. How can it be possible that goat and poppy fruit become corona positive. He has ordered the Army to investigate this test kit.