Over 100 vaccines under trial, but WHO experts are afraid the ‘Corona drug can never be produced’

Research is going on to get rid of corona infection all over the world. More than 100 vaccines are under trial, while some have even reached the stage of human trials. But a specialist associated with the World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed fears that ‘the corona virus vaccine may never exist.’ Let us know that even after many years of research, the vaccine has not been prepared for diseases like HIV and Dengue.

Dr. David Nabarro, who is associated with WHO, said in a conversation with CNN that “there are some viruses that have no vaccine.” We cannot believe that a vaccine can be prepared for every disease and even if the vaccine is made, it cannot be said with certainty that it will meet all standards including authenticity and safety. ”

Dr. Nabarro says that it is possible that no vaccine can be made. According to the report, even after more than 30 million deaths and 40 years of research worldwide, we are still waiting for the HIV vaccine.

Dengue vaccine is available in some countries, but it is effective only till the age of 9–45 years. However, WHO says that this vaccine is effective only in those who have been infected with dengue before.