There is evidence of corona virus spread from Chinese lab

Corona virus infection has caused outrage all over the world. The virus has spread from China to the whole world and there are allegations that China has hidden information about this epidemic from the whole world, due to which the virus has engulfed the whole world. Now US President Donald Trump has claimed that the corona virus is related to China’s lab in Wuhan. Trump also said that he had evidence to this effect.

In fact, Trump was asked how much confidence do you have in spreading the corona virus from the Wuhan Institute of Virology? In response, Trump said, “Yes, they believe it.” When the reporters asked him how he was so confident about this? So Trump said that ‘he can’t tell this right now’.

According to administration sources, many other steps can be taken by the US, including sanctions against China. These include measures such as the cancellation of US debt obligations, the formulation of a new trade policy.

Donald Trump has indicated that he may impose new customs duties against China. Trump also criticized the World Health Organization (WHO) and said the organization should be ashamed of itself. Trump said that “I think the World Health Organization should be ashamed of itself because it is acting as China’s public relations agency.”