Covid-19: This new form of corona virus caused havoc in Europe and America


According to scientists, the form of the corona virus that caused the Kovid-19 epidemic in Europe and America is much different and deadly than usual. The strain (form) of corona virus is causing havoc in New York, mainly in Britain and America. According to the researchers, it is more dangerous than the outbreak D-614 strain in other European countries and other parts of the US, especially in Washington.

Researchers in the US and the UK studied the virus from patients’ samples and found it to be more contagious than the virus that spread epidemics in China. He added that this new strain is also capable of changing its appearance to avoid the immune system or vaccine, which also reduces the effectiveness of a vaccine and the possibility of natural immunity. 

Scientists first noticed a special change in the corona virus. In Arizona, a portion of the genetic material went missing while examining a virus sample of a Kovid-19 infected individual. Like DNA present in our cells, viruses have genetic material. 

Researchers at Arizona State University (ASU) took virus samples in 382 patients, with some of the virus missing parts of the genetic material. 81 samples of RNA were missing in a sample. The researcher, Dr. Efrem Lim, said that the human genome contains 300 million DNA letters, while the corona virus has found 30,000 RNA letters. According to scientists, some viruses are constantly changing, which makes them very difficult to prevent and treat. A similar change was observed during the 2003 SARS epidemic. After which the epidemic ended. It is expected that Covid-19 will also gradually weaken.