H-1B employers paying migrant workers less than market rate

According to a study, major H-1B visa employer companies like Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft are paying less than market rate to migrant workers. For this, these companies are taking advantage of the ‘H-1B program’ of the US Department of Labor.

The ‘H-1B visa and prevailing remuneration level’ report of the Economic Policy Institute has been prepared by Daniel Costa and Ron Heera. According to the report, the top 30 H-1B visa-holding employers include companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Walmart, Google, Apple and Facebook. All of them are paying lower than market rates to their migrant workers working under H-1B visa rules by taking advantage of the local H-1B program. He is filling people’s jobs with less wages.

The US Department of Labor certifies 60 percent of workers under H-1B visas to work below the market rate. H-1B programs allow this. The Labor Department has the authority to change it but it has not been done. In 2019, more than 53,000 employers used the H-1B visa rule. The US Department of Civil and Immigration fixed the number of people working on H-1B in 2019 at 3,89,000. In this, one out of every four workers works with these top 30 H-1B employers.

Half of these 30 top employers do not directly hire H-1B visa-holding workers, but employ them on a third-party basis (by contracting to another company).