Indians are becoming increasingly unemployed in Gulf countries, Center is preparing programs to rehabilitate people


The economic damage caused by the Corona crisis has a direct impact on Indians working abroad. The highest impact is seen in the Gulf countries. Thousands of Indian workers have lost their jobs. In UAE alone, more than 40 thousand people are said to be affected. The next few months in Saudi Arabia are said to be quite difficult for Indian citizens. Although the government has not yet confirmed these figures, government sources are assuming that a large number of Indian citizens have been unemployed due to adverse situation in Gulf countries.

Sources said that action is being taken at two levels to provide relief to those who have lost their jobs. Efforts are being made to liaise with the Gulf countries to ensure that the contract rules are followed by Indians. Steps have been taken to provide relief to those who have lost their jobs at the local level. A program is being chalked out to provide opportunities to those who have lost jobs in India.

The Ministry of External Affairs has contacted the state governments and said that the merit of the people who are being brought here can be taken advantage of in the government’s different flagship program. Workers’ expertise will be shared with all state governments. Also, information will be shared with the concerned ministries at the center.

Impact assessment

Sources said, India has also taken cognizance of the report related to the ongoing exercise for legal changes in Saudi Arabia. The impact is being assessed outside the Gulf countries. Large number of Indians in UK, USA, Australia are expected to be affected by employment. Part-time students have lost their jobs, causing them to face many crises.