Meteorite passed just 14 thousand kilometers of Earth


A meteorite larger than the size of a Ford Transit van passed very close to Earth on Wednesday. Ever since the record of asteroids is being kept, this is the sixth such meteorite that has passed so close to the Earth. Its distance was just 14 thousand kilometers from the earth. The special thing is that astronomers did not even get a clue of its arrival.

Not even seen with binoculars: the name of this meteorite is 2020 JJ. By astronomical standards it was extremely small and therefore not visible in the telescope. Scientists could see it only when it came directly above the earth. It was identified with the Mount Limon survey in Arizona when it flew over the earth.

Difficult to identify: Space Science Writer Doctor Natalia Starkey said, “We are better at finding and tracking large asteroids.” But these asteroids should be at least one km large. But it could not be identified earlier because its size was very small.