More than 10 thousand corona patients in Russia

During the last 24 hours in Russia, 10559 new cases of global pandemic corona virus (Kovid-19) have been confirmed, due to which the number of people infected with it has increased to 165,929. 

Russia’s Corona Virus Response Center gave this information on Wednesday. The Center said that more than 10 thousand new cases of this infection have been reported in the country since last four days. According to the Center, 86 more people have died due to this epidemic in Russia and thus the number of people who died due to it in the country has increased to 1537, while 1462 people have recovered from it during the last 24 hours and now the country The number of people recovering from this has increased to 21327. 

This infection has affected Moscow the most in Russia, where 5858 new cases have been reported during the last 24 hours and the number of infected has increased to 85973. So far, 40.60 lakh people have been screened for Kovid-19 in Russia.