Worst conditions after the Great Depression for America, 2 crore people were given jobs in April!

The havoc of Corona is causing a lot of havoc for the American economy. Experts estimate that American companies have fired more than 20 million people from jobs in the month of April. This has been the worst month in terms of jobs in America.

In a survey, many American economists estimate that 2.18 crore jobs have been lost in April. Significantly, between March 2010 and February 2020, 2.28 crore new jobs were created in the US, that is, due to Corona, America has lost ten years of jobs in just one month. Official data about this will come on Friday.

In the US, offices, factories, schools, construction work and stores are all closed due to the Corona virus epidemic. It has severely affected the American economy.

86 lakh unemployed in hotel industry

In the US hotel sector, 86 lakh employees have become unemployed. Apart from this, 34 lakh employees got jobs in sectors like Trade, Transport in the month of April. Construction companies showed the way out to 2.5 million employees. At the same time, manufacturing companies laid off 17 lakh employees.