Donald Trump says ‘no rush’ on more aid as jobless crisis grows

President Donald Trump says he’s in no rush to negotiate another financial rescue bill, even as the government reported that more than 20 million Americans lost their jobs last month due to economic upheaval caused by the coronavirus. The president’s low-key approach came Friday as the Labor Department reported the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression and as Democrats prepared to unveil what Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer calls a Rooseveltian-style aid package to shore up the economy and address the health crisis. Some congressional conservatives, meanwhile, who set aside long-held opposition to deficits to pass more than USD 2 trillion in relief so far, have expressed reservations about another massive spending package.

In particular, McConnell has led resistance to the state bailouts, even as his home-state of Kentucky is among those staring down budget red ink. Republicans argue the top priority in the next package should be approving liability protections to shield businesses that re-open from what he warns will be an epidemic of lawsuits.

Trump aides believe they have bought themselves some leverage on the state and local assistance matter with a rule change announced by the Treasury Department last week that allows states to use funding they received in early relief packages to assist first responders.