Over 41.52 lakh COVID-19 infections globally, Russia sees record 11,000 cases in 24 hours

The number of people infected globally by the coronavirus by Sunday evening surged to 41.52 lakh while the global pandemic has now taken more than 2.82 lakh lives. As per the Worldometers website’s COVID-19 data at 11:30 PM IST, around 41,52,870 people have been infected with the coronavirus across the world, and over 2,82,660 have lost their lives. The COVID-19 confirmed cases on Sunday saw a surge of 54,590 cases. The number of recoveries also increased to 14.65 lakh.

Russia with record 11,000 cases in a day, remained the worst affected country in the world this week. Russia’s COVID-19 count has mounted to 2,09,680. It became the fifth country to breach the 2,00,000 mark. The United States (US) has been the worst affected country in the world. The US in the last 24 hours reported 6,225 confirmed infections and now has over 13,53,530 confirmed cases in the country.

The UK’s death count in the last 24 hours increased by 268 to 31,855. Italy on the third spot saw a jump of 165. Italy now has 30,560 COVID-19 fatalities. Spain with 26,621 deaths, France with 26,310 and Brazil with 10,730 casualties are the other worst-affected countries in the world.