17 million people are going through food crisis in America, two lakh volunteers are bringing food

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The US is one of the countries most affected by the Corona virus. So far, more than 13 lakh cases have been reported here. While more than 80 thousand deaths have taken place. In two months, there is a food crisis in front of 17 million people. In two months, this number has risen to 46 percent.  In America, the number of people starving due to corona and other reasons has been fifty million. In such a situation, ‘feed’, a national organization working on food security and starvation, is delivering food to the people. Katy Fitzgerald, CEO of Feed America, says the situation seems to have gone out of our control, given the growing cases of Kovid-19. In such a situation one can get into food security crisis. The situation can be more frightening.

There is a growing number of people in America, who have faced a food and drink crisis. Before Corona, 37 million people in the country were struggling with this crisis. Now, due to corona and unemployment, only 17 million people have joined it in just two months. That is, about five and a half crore people are going through this crisis.

Katy said that the big challenge right now is that we do not have as much food as our food bank needs to meet the demand. Currently, 30 percent more people need help. Most of them are those who never asked for any food and drink help in life.

According to Feed’s CEO, food items should be saved at this time. Feed is delivering food to Americans through 60 thousand agencies. Two lakh volunteers are helping him in this. Real-time support is being provided to people through new reporting systems, webinars and technology. In this, the location of the needy is shared and the team reaches out to him and helps.