China remains artificial island 684 km from India, revealed from satellite photos


Right now, the whole world is struggling with the corona virus crisis. At the same time, China is building an artificial island 684 kilometers from India. China is presenting a strategic challenge directly to India by creating a new island in the Indian Ocean on the lines of South China Sea. It has recently been revealed through satellite photos. These photos have been released by the open source intelligence analyst Datresfa. Former Maldives President Abdulla Yameen leased 16 islands of his country to Chinese companies during his tenure in 2016. China is undertaking large-scale construction work on these islands. According to experts, there is a conspiracy to surround India behind such a large investment by China in these islands.  China has trapped many countries in debt trap

Hannes Christenson, director of the nuclear information project of Sipri (CIPRI), an international body tracking arms procurement, tweeted that the Maldives’ Fedhu Finolu island was leased to China by the then government for four million dollars. Now China is trying to surround India under the Belt and Road Initiative on the lines of South China Sea. China has trapped many countries in the Indian Ocean in its debt trap.

Fighter aircraft can come to India in 20 minutes
The Maldives is situated on the main route of ships going to and from the Indian Ocean. This route leads to trade of billions of rupees every year. On the other hand, China is keeping a close watch on India from here. It will take 20-25 minutes for Chinese fighter jets to reach India from here. During Abdullah Yameen’s tenure, tensions between India and Maldives increased. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi canceled his visit to Maldives.