Lockdown to be fatal without virus tracing, health institutions warn


Many countries, which have been stalled for the past few months due to the Corona epidemic, have now started reopening. In December, more than 200 countries worldwide were affected by the deadly virus spread from Wuhan in China, after which many decided to put a lockdown on caution. While this did not show much benefit and the number of people affected by Corona continued to rise, the economy of many countries was also affected due to the lockdown. In such a situation now many countries have either decided to remove the lockdown from their own or many have prepared to relax it. But one of the world’s top health officials warned on Monday that if the lockdown was opened without examining people exposed to corona infected, it would be very dangerous and it would be difficult to prevent corona.

This warning has been issued after France and Belgium opened a lockdown, the Netherlands decided to send children to school and several US states to move forward by lifting trade restrictions. Officials warn that the infection can spread rapidly again without extensive testing and detection of people exposed to infected people.

This result was also seen in Germany, South Korea and Wuhan in China when cases of infection started coming up again after opening the lockdown here. The World Health Organization (WHO) is also issuing frequent warnings about the opening of lockdowns and also warning about the effects of the virus.

Currently, more than 42 lakh people worldwide are infected with Corona and more than two lakh deaths have occurred. In this, only 80 thousand people have lost their lives in America.