More than 200 protesters arrested, police also fired pepper powder on the crowd

More than 200 people involved in anti-government protests in Hong Kong were arrested on Sunday. Police said 230 people between the ages of 12 and 65 have been apprehended on the basis of various charges such as unlawful assembly, hand-holding of property damage and not showing identity cards. Police said in a statement that 19 people have been arrested for violating the Disease Control and Prevention Act.

It was told that the protesters surrounded the police, after which the police fired pepper powder to disperse the crowd. The police have condemned the gathering in a planned manner in violation of the government’s disease control and prevention measures. Police said protesters shouted slogans and set fire to some roads along the route leading to Hong Kong’s Mengkok district.

The protesters are demanding an investigation into the police’s alleged vandalism to establish democracy and suppress demonstrations in this semi-autonomous Chinese region. Significantly, there were large-scale protests here last year as well.