The S-2 receptor in the eye can also enter the corona

The virus can be avoided by wearing masks and gloves, avoiding touching the face. Earlier it was being speculated that the corona could penetrate into the body through the eyes. Scientists have made a shocking revelation that the corona can penetrate the body through the S-2 receptor present in the eye. If the infected person coughs or sneezes, the virus present in the droplets from it can spread to the body by sticking to the S-2 receptor present in the eye. The infection starts as soon as the virus reaches the eye of John Hopkins University School of Medicine in the US. The eyes may become red and swollen. The biggest danger is that this virus can also increase its spread through the tear present in the eye.

Dr. Lingli Jhohu of the Department of Ophthalmology told that a post-mortem of 10 people who did not die from Corona was done to reach this conclusion. When these eyes were examined, it was found that the eyes also have S-2 receptor which is the largest carrier of corona. When the virus arrives here, it will inactivate the receptor and start spreading the infection as it grows.

Higher S-2 receptor viral load

Scientists claim that people with high S-2 receptor may have a higher viral load. The first dose of infection can spread through the body through blood. Thirty percent of people are likely to get corona virus from their eyes. This is the reason why people who are falling prey to it even after taking full precautions may be a big reason for it. Prof. of Virus Genomics of Imperial College of London. Paul Kellam says that if an infected person coughs or sneezes, the virus can enter the eyes and enter the respiratory tract. This is most likely because the eyes are attached to the nasal lacrimal duct.