Trump administration to give $ 11 billion to states for corona virus test.

The Donald Trump administration will allocate 11 billion dollars (about 77 thousand crores) to increase the corona virus test in the US. A White House official announced this on Monday. The official said, “We are announcing 11 billion US dollars to the states. This is to help test directly. ‘ This fund will be given through the Cares Act. For which Congress has given permission and President Donald Trump has signed it. The official said, “The state will give us complete information about the testing program in a few weeks. We have asked them for their strategy and goals so that not only those who are ill are in need of treatment but also contact tracing and surveillance. ‘

During his address to reporters, President Trump said that the US will complete 10 million corona virus tests this week. He said, “This week the United States will test upwards of 10 million.” This is almost double the number of any other country. We are testing more people per capita than South Korea, United Kingdom, France, Japan, Sweden, Finland and many other countries. ‘

As of Monday morning, this figure of testing was nine million, which has increased to 300,000 per day. According to the data, till Monday, 80 thousand people have died due to corona virus infection while the number of infected is 1,344,512.