Trump’s racist remarks on reporter asking, now faces all-round criticism


US President Donald Trump abruptly ended his press briefing on Monday after an argument with the Asian-American reporter over the corona virus.  CBS News reporter Weijia Jiang questioned Trump as to why he is constantly stressing that the US is doing better in virus testing than other countries. The reporter asked, ‘Why does it matter? Why this global competition, when we see that Americans are losing their lives everyday? ‘ Trump said in response to this, ‘People everywhere in the world are losing their lives and maybe you should ask this question to China. Don’t ask me this, ask this question to China, OK. ‘

Jiang questioned Trump’s answer to him, ‘Sir, why are you saying this thing especially to me?’ To this Trump said, “I am saying this to anyone who will ask such a bad question.” Trump then looked to other reporters for another question, although Jiang continued to ask him the answer to his question. Trump called another female reporter but then immediately called someone else.

CNN political analyst and reporter April Ryan, who also had a heated debate with Trump. He tweeted, ‘Welcome to my club. This is disease and it is their habit. ‘ The American president always expresses his dislike for the news media. Trump often gets involved with reporters during his Corona Virus press briefing.