Microsoft launches ‘Back2Business’ solutions for SMBs in India

Microsoft announced on Tuesday the introduction of new technologies designed to help small and medium-sized Indian businesses (SMBs) sustain business continuity and embark on their journeys towards cloud adoption in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. In addition to addressing near-term problems through products around Windows Virtual Desktop and Microsoft Teams, there are bundles of solutions designed to improve SMB’s cloud adoption paths.

They are designed to help scale up legacy systems, move workloads to Azure, or update websites and applications, Microsoft said. “The Back2Business Solution Boxes offer speed in deployment and usage and flexibility with pay-as-you-go pricing, along with our commitment to privacy and security,” Harish Vellat, Senior Director, Small and Mid-Corporate Business, Microsoft India, said in a statement.

The boxes for the solution come in four versions. The “Starter” box is designed for small companies needing solutions for remote working and collaboration in a safe environment. The “Booster” kit is designed for mid-sized businesses that require both web and mobile applications, customer support, backup service, and a safe plan for recovery from disasters.