Nine Trump MPs bring bills in parliament to ban China, US intensifies China


A bill has been introduced in the US Parliament to ban China. The bill was introduced by a group of nine MPs. It said that if China does not give full information about the causes of the coronavirus outbreak, it does not cooperate to control it, then the US President should be allowed to ban China.

 The President will certify in 60 days that China has not given full information on the corona to the United States, its allies or UN-related entities like WHO. He did not close all the non-vegetarian markets that threatened to spread infection from animals to humans. The bill has been prepared by MP Lindsay Graham. Eight other MPs supported him on this.

All nine MPs are considered close to President Donald Trump. Graham said China has refused to approve the investigation. In such a situation it was necessary to bring this bill. If China is not pressurized, it will never cooperate with the investigation. The bill also calls for China to release Hong Kong’s democracy supporters from prison during the epidemic. China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian has said that the bill is completely immoral. We kept transparency in giving information right from the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic. Zhao had earlier said that China and the US should work together to implement the trade deal.