Trump preparing to ban China, bill introduced in Senate


China seems to be caught in its own trap regarding trade with America. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has made a plan to teach China a lesson after consulting with foreign ministers of 6 countries. At the same time, such a bill has come in the US Senate, if passed, Trump can rain sanctions on China.

Nine US senators have brought a bill in the Parliament of Congress there that will give President Donald Trump the authority to ban China. If this right is granted, Trump can reply to China. Senator Lindsay Graham’s bill has been introduced by eight senators in the Upper House Senate of Congress.

This will give President Trump the right to speak to China within 60 days to cooperate with the investigation on Corona. America itself will conduct this investigation. Trump will have the right to close the weight markets in China. If China is reluctant, Trump can seize the assets of his business. They can ban visas, ban travel. Can prevent American companies from doing business with China. Not only this, but they can also refuse Chinese companies to register on the US Stock Exchange.

With this bill, Trump will get the weapon which has great power in today’s world. On the other hand, China is complaining that Corona did not leave Wuhan’s lab. He is repeatedly saying that Corona left Wuhan’s fat market. Now America’s strategy on this is that the weight market that China talks about repeatedly, now it has to be closed because this market has been the father of 4 big viruses in the last 20 years.