WHO fears, may never end corona virus threat


The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed fears that the corona virus-related disease may be one that will never end. The WHO has said that the corona virus may persist among communities, which may never end in the future.

Dr. Michael Ryan, director of the World Health Organization’s Health Emergency Program, said that just as HIV could not be eradicated, the corona virus can also remain in our midst. Ryan said, although we have found ways that people living with HIV can also stay healthy and alive for more days. He said that we have to be realistic about the corona virus because we do not know when the disease will end.

Recently, the head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adnom, said that it will take time for the corona virus epidemic to end. He had expressed concern about the children in view of the epidemic. Tedros Adhanom said, death toll is increasing from Kovid-19. The epidemic is impacting other health services, which the WHO is very concerned about, especially the children. 

The WHO chief said, the Vaccine Alliance named GAVI Global estimates that there are 21 countries complaining of vaccine shortage because the borders are closed due to Corona and no means of transport are available. A new analysis has revealed that due to Kovid-19, there is a danger of obstruction in the campaign against malaria in 41 countries of Sahara-Africa.